Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exercise of the Week: KB Figure 8 to a Hold

Here's a great clip from Anthony DiLuglio. Anthony is from Punch Gym in Rhode Island, and featured in the Art of Strength videos. I've found this Fig8 to a Hold to be an excellent ADVANCED movement. I categorize this exercise as advanced because it is both a hand-to-hand (switching hands, abbreviated "H2H") KB movement integrated with complex multi-dimensional body twists or thrusts. Before attempting this exercise, I highly recommend beginner movements that keep constant hand contact with the KB. More intermediate drills might include some H2H drills such as a simple Figure 8. Only then should you attempt such a complex movement.

The Fig8 to a Hold is a super movement to bring into your program if you have already become proficient with simple one-handed movements and a couple of H2H drills. It builds trunk/core strength, and crosses the line from resistance training into the arena of anaerobics.

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