Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prison Workout: The Pulls

Pulling movements build strength and power in the musculature of the back, biceps, forearms, and hands. Pulling is one of the most basic human movements. Like I've said before, do whatever you can to get to a bar, whether high or low.

The above two videos are of INVERTED ROWS.  The top video is great form, with a fully planked or in-line body.  The second video is "scaled" for the participant's abilities.  While I recommend doing as many perfect repetitions as possible, the second video shows how to "cheat" a little bringing in the feet, bending the knees, and thrusting the hips. Also, switch up the grip from palms facing and palms away.

Above is the PULLUP. It's not cheating to kip or swing...actually encouraged. As far as grip is concerned: doesn't matter. I recommend switching it up...palms forward (away), palms facing (chinup) and neutral (hammer grip).  The basics are the same.  But as always, doing what is hardest is sometimes best!!!

This is a JUMPING PULLUP. I will never post a WO calling for a JUMPING PULLUP. This is a way to scale (or adjust) for your ability.  If you cannot do full PULLUPS, then substitute or finish with JUMPING PULLUPS. Do not underestimate them...they are not easy!

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