Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kettlebell - Clean and Press

There's a lot to this exercise. It is very compound. Please learn it SLOWLY. I selected each of these KB-C&P videos for a particular reason, and put them in a particular order. 

Decent videos are hard to find for the KB-C&P.  Above are videos that break it down. Be sure you feel comfortable in the "Rack Position" at shoulder level. You should not be straining to keep it there.  It's almost a position of rest.

Below is a complete video of KB-C&Ps (although his form is not what I'd be paying attention to). One repetition begins and ends at the ground.  Depending on how heavy your KB is, you might not have to exaggerate the leg "catches" like in the video. The heavier the KB, the more leg catch you might need....


Unknown said...

Was recommended to your site and it looks great but I cannoview the videos or download them. Any suggestions?

Louis Hayes said...

Do you have a Flash player installed? I pirated all my videos from YouTube. If you can watch YouTube videos, you should be able to watch what I post. If not, send me an email and I can help.

Lori said...

The top video teaching kettlebell clean(Steve Cotter)is kind of funny to me because it reminds me of Jack Lalanne with the stage presentation and curtains in back.
If there are any ladies trying to learn this and beating yourself up, you might try using wrist sweatbands carefully positioned to ease the blow as you refine your technique.