Friday, September 12, 2008

Survey Results: Why do you exercise?

The most recent survey has ended. What's the MAIN reason why you exercise? As always, I was again surprised by some of the answers. I thought "Stress Relief" would have received more votes. I was NOT surprised at the high percentage of "Weight Loss/Control." I have been preaching that vanity-centric workouts do not produce the results that performance-based workouts do. If you strive for speed, power, strength, and endurance with quantifiable numbers, your body will look better as well.....and probably a whole lot faster than if you are focused merely (or is it "mirrorly?") on the numbers on the scale or measuring tape.

39% - Pure Fitness (Self-betterment)
21% - Weight Loss /Control
14% - Career Requirements
10% - It's fun
10% - For a Race /Competition

You'll see the numbers don't add up to 100%....well "Stress Relief" and "I'm bored" did catch some votes, but not all that many.

A new poll is posted on the right column: What is your favorite "named" workout? Click here for help. Scroll down to 4.1
I voted MURPH...but I'm sure most of you figured that out. I actually did MURPH this morning as a tribute to 9/11.

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