Thursday, March 6, 2008

How badly do you want it?

Ask yourself, "How badly do you want it?" But then again, what's IT? For some it's the beach body. The perfect, sculpted, tan physique adorning the cover of the latest fitness magazine. For others...just to get back into the waist size that got a little snug over the holidays. Yet for others, it's all about performance. Being able to get to the finish line. Or getting there faster than the competition (or just to finish). Or striving to be the absolute best you can be.

I posted this photo today because of its candor. I came across it the other day and reflected back on this race: my friend and I as team 890 "Guns-n-Hoses" heading toward the finish line at Muddy Buddy Chicago. We ran this race hard. We didn't win any shiny awards. No trophies to pose with. This photo reminds me how much my legs burned after climbing the hills by mountain bike. And how hard my heart was pumping. And how little air I seemed to be breathing. Yet I was pushed by a fire inside me!!

It was the first team race I'd ever participated in. And more than winning or passing other competitors, one thing was on my mind: Don't let down my partner!! I knew he wasn't going to dissappoint me (for he was in better shape than me), and I surely wasn't going to be the one to falter. I wanted it badly! I wanted my partner to know I wasn't going to lay up. I could be counted on. I dug deep that day. And this photo reminds me how sweet the treasure was.

As you look at the cover of your fitness magazine, or a benchmark goal of your mile run, or marathon, or as you trash-talk your competition, ask yourself how much are you going to leave in the tank today? Are you going to take it easy this morning? What's important at this moment? Ah, I'll do it tomorrow. When all your critics say you can't have it, do you listen and wonder. Or do you put out to prove them wrong?

How badly do you want it?

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