Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spartan Performance in NY

George and Lisa Demetriou of Spartan Performance - CrossFit Suffolk(New York) are friends of ours. Here's a posting I pirated from their website. They sum it up pretty well right here:

Training at a typical gym isn't a bad thing. It's just not the best thing one can do to achieve an elite level of fitness. The goal of many gym trainees is to look good in a t-shirt. Not an unworthy goal, but not a very lofty one either.
Most gyms are filled with machines designed for ease and convenience in a "workout". Most of these machines do not simulate any movement found in sports or nature. As we see it, this is a problem.Machines, however, can help one look good in a t-shirt. BORING!
Most gyms have free weights. Those using free weights will often attempt to isolate a muscle group or two, perform 3 sets of 10 reps, with 2-5 minutes rest in between sets with the goal of looking good in a t-shirt. BORING!
Most gyms have cardio machines.The users typically go for a long time at a slow pace. We know of some "gym rats" who believe they're something special because they spend 2-3 hours a day walking on a treadmill while watching TV or reading the paper while on the stationary bike. Oh so BORING!
The only thing worse than being bored during a workout is not realizing that the above described typical gym participants are virtually doing nothing to make themselves more efficient for the action of real life.The above machines or exercise methodologies do little to improve the function of the central nervous system. They have almost nothing to do with carrying groceries or small children, sport enhancement, injury prevention or winning a life and death battle.
We use a variety of tools: barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, medicine balls,rings, pull up bars, sandbags, jump ropes, climbing ropes, and more combined with powerful, full body movements to achieve greater strength, greater "cardio" and greater nervous system performance. We do so at high intensity with constantly changing variables. The payoff: quick and great gains in strength, endurance, nervous system adaptations, athletic enhancement like you'd get as a professional athlete, and mental toughness. Oh yeah, we're about performance, but a by-product of the training is that we look good in a t-shirt as well.
Our training may not be for everyone. Typical gyms have their place. If you'd like to move beyond just trying to look good or if you'd like a greater challenge than getting through the morning paper whilewalking on a treadmill there is a different path you can take. Give us a call. We'll explain why taking the path of least resistance isn't necessarily the better way. We'll explain why the challenging path yields the greater payoff.

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