Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good luck to friends at World SWAT Challenge

This week, police tactical teams from all over the world are converging in Arkansas for the 2008 World SWAT Challenge. Especially noteworthy is the fact that several friends of Trinity Training Group are participating in the events!
The various events each demand a specific task or skill to be performed by the team. While some of them focus on distanced sniper shots, other events' scores weigh heavily on accuracy from pistols or carbines. However, what is true of most every course is the need for functional fitness! Each event is timed, which brings a much-needed element of SPEED. Along the various terrains are climbing walls, rescue dummies, and low crawls....all done while wearing cumbersome helmets and bulky body armor.
Best of luck to the competitors in Arkansas this week. And remember that no matter who wins in the arena of competition, ALL the communities back home win. They win because the hard work and dedication in training for an event like this also translates into a better prepared team to protect citizens from the threats of real criminals!

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