Friday, May 30, 2008

TREVOR Results

This past Memorial Day, I joined forces with some friends for the charity workout named TREVOR at CrossFit TriCities gym in St Charles. My teammates Brian M, Jim S, and Jason C definately picked up some of the slack that I left for them. Basically, the workout requires two of the four teammates to be "resting" at any given time... completing:
  • 300 pullups 
  • 400 pushups
  • 500 situps
  • 600 air squats
When I saw this above picture taken by Jason at CFTC, I immediately saw the glazed-over expression on Jim's face. Pretty funny that someone as functionally fit as him was looking so beat down :)

Our team finished the reps as RX'ed in 31 minutes, 11 seconds...better than I had estimated. We'll be breaking 25 minutes next year! 18:26 was the best national time I saw posted. If anyone knows of a faster time, please let me know.

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