Monday, May 5, 2008

TREVOR workout

Keeping in step with the meaning behind Memorial Day, our friends Mark and Jason of CrossFit TriCities in St Charles, Illinois, are hosting a TREVOR Workout. The TREVOR is named after Trevor A. Win'E who was killed in 2004 near Mosul, Iraq, when his armored vehicle was struck by an IED. The workout is being moderated on Monday, May 26th, 2008 at their gym, and in other select CF affiliates around the world.
The workout named TREVOR is:
A team of four completes
300 Pull-ups then,
400 Push-ups then,
500 Sit-ups then,
600 Air Squats.
This is a timed team event, so these are accumulative reps. Only two members of the team can be exercising at a time.
Click here for more information as found on CrossFit TriCities blog. Also, CrossFit Orange County has some active links here, especially to a great video of a team completing TREVOR.
This is a re-post from earlier this week. LH

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