Monday, July 7, 2008

So I'm driving around empty streets last night. I get out of the car to grab a cup of coffee. It was as if I sprung out of an ejector seat! My clear mind allowed me to consciously become aware of how easy it was to get out of the driver's seat. It's not that it was ever difficult, but it had never been that easy...especially at 2am when the legs start to stiffen.

I thought for a moment about all the people I've watched get in and out of cars. Grunting. Groaning. Pulling on the door frame. Hands on knees. Gasping. "Ugh." If they struggle with something as seemingly simple as getting out of an automobile seat, what's the rest of their day like? How many other daily tasks are being limped through?

I affirmed to myself yet again, "I really am in the best shape of my life." I can't run a marathon today. I don't bench press 300 pounds anymore. It's been 8 years since my last rugby match. But I am more physically-balanced and well-rounded than ever before. This is a common feeling within the functional fitness community: BEST SHAPE EVER.

Then I imagine the man who loses a couple breaths to get out of his car. What was his physical prime? Why did he lose it? Maybe he let it slip away like I did: stop playing organized sport, change in metabolism, drink too much soda and beer, slack on the workout program for the sake of spending time with family and friends, mismanage time. Maybe he gets out of his driver's seat, grunts yet again, and says, "I'm in the worst shape of my life. How did I let this happen?"

My low point came after I quit running following a grueling marathon performance in 2002. I mistakenly kept eating as if I had the metabolism of endurance training. I packed on the pounds, and quickly found myself in the worst shape of my life. Overweight, tight pants, poor mobility/flexibility, crappy attitude. I was so disappointed in myself. Luckily, I got on the right track before my "condition" got the best of me.

There are others like me reading this posting who are cherishing their own moment of a life at the pinnacle of fitness. However, I know there are also readers of this blog who sadly find themselves in the worst shape of their lives. For you, look back and determine what was your prime. When were you standing on the summit? Why did you fall? Injury? Sickness? Family commitments? No time? Adapting to a habit of functional fitness exercises can bring reincarnation.

Some of my older friends laugh and tell me to "just wait about 10 years." Maybe it'll be me reminiscing about a time when I jumped onto my feet in my prime. Not a care in the world. Healthy joints. Loose pants. Only time will tell. Maybe I'll wait for some young pup to drag me out to the gym or trails...
Come out and join us. We'll help you get your springs back. There must be some truth to this functional fitness phenomenon if there's so many folks out here preaching, "I feel better than when I was twenty!" Imagine that!

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