Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trying it out: SWIMMING

I surprised myself this week. After some workplace water cooler talk with a couple of like-minded fitness functionalists, I learned the two of them had begun a morning swimming regiment. They had recently found a 50-meter pool, and both thought about participating in their second triathlon.

So I invited myself out to one of their workouts on Tuesday morning. I went to a local swim shop and pickued up a pair of shorts and goggles. (No, they're not the briefs where you can tell a man's religion!) I went home, got online, and found a CrossFit Journal article that both scared me, and calmed me. I was ready.

At 6am, I jumped in the water and shared a lane with my partners. With them, we share similar functional fitness models of running, kettlebelling, and whatnot. Even though this was only their second session this summer in the water, they knew what to expect. I had really underestimated what 50 meters of swimming does to a man's breathing....and I went into this workout with a better-than-average fitness level. But not a better-than-average swimmer level!! Wow! I finished the morning with 20 repetitions of 50M, each separted by a short breather. I left the pool completely dumbfounded as to how my grand total of 1000M measured up. Then I reminded myself of the reasons I got into the pool for the first time: to better MYSELF, and to do it under the umbrella of committment and competition among friends. I was not there to be stacked against against seasoned triathletes or high school swimmers.

So my 1000M is what it is: just a number for now. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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