Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prison Workout - Last Minute Updates

The Prison Workout is about to begin!  Here are some last minute items:
I recently posted a laundry list of videos on movements and exercises. I sorta feel like I'm cramming them all in last-minute....but I've been away on vacation and had to filter through all the crap videos on YouTube.  An all-inclusive list of videos can be found in the righthand column. Use this resource if you need help with form or details about a specific exercise throughout the weeks. It'll hopefully be easier than scrolling through all my posts.

Pull out your schedule or PDA. Beginning on Monday, October 13th, write down a "#1" and continue for 30 days.  For example, Thursday, October 16th, is Day #4 and will be a Rest & Recovery Day (or catch-up day if you've lagged behind...slacker!).  You might find it easier to match up the daily WO with the above numbering system, than by date alone, especially if you purposely change the weekly rest days from Thursday and Sunday to other days of the week.

I'll also make a Microsoft Excel worksheet including the same posted daily WOs. If you'd like the worksheet, email me. You can keep track of your progress electronically, or just print it out and hang on the refrigerator.  I will update it weekly, so you won't get all 30 days' WOs ahead of time ;)

For those of you with pullup bars or low inverted row bars, I will add options for THE PULLS.  For those of you without a pullup bar, you'll just have to ignore those portions of the daily WOs.

Week One's WOs will be posted later this weekend!!

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