Friday, December 12, 2008

SO1 David Goggins USN

Funny how two friends of mine (neither knows the other) both told me about David Goggins...with two weeks.  David's story can be found at

This makes me want to throw on my racing pack and go for a run. How about you?


Lori said...

I've heard of him for some time now.

According to his website, his daily schedule allows him 3 hours of sleep a night. (regular schedule) Somehow, that would never work for me. ;)

Definitely, inspiring.

Mark said...

Went through Hell-Week with Dave back in 2001. Stand-up dude. His training is ridiculous! Definitely a gifted athlete, but has found his success through his mental capacities. I can't run more than a 5k these days without getting bored and almost losing my mind!

HillRunner said...

David Goggins is a machine among humans. His training and mental strength is lightyears ahead of anyone else. He just put up a new blog site, looks pretty cool--

Unknown said...

After knowing Dave before he was a Navy Seal and before he played football for the Colts(yea the Indy Colts, he did a walk on try out and made the team) I had the privilage of getting know him at a personal level while he was in the Air Force. At the time we called "The Beast" as he was then and still is an inspiration to work out with and get to know. His mental mind set simply does not have the word NO or Can't in it! And that alone allows him to train and perform at the level he does. That and he does not focus on the failures or shortcomings of himself or anyone else, just on doing it and training to do it!