Sunday, December 21, 2008

Survey results - Least Favorite Prison Exercise?

What is your least favorite Prison Workout exercise?  The results were in the following order:
  1. Turkish GetUps (or Air GetUps)
  2. Dive Bombers
  3. Burpees
Just like I expected. I got emails and calls about TGUs/AGUs with comments such as: 
  • I feel so uncoordinated.
  • I can't get the movement down.
  • It probably looks like I'm playing Twister.
  • The girl in the video is doing it effortlessly.
  • I have to keep re-watching the videos.
My vote is still with dive bomber pushups.

There's a new survey in the right column. Please vote!

If you were only allowed ONE piece of fitness gear in your prison cell...
  • one kettlebell
  • set of hanging gym rings
  • barbell weight set
Don't be splitting hairs on this!  Figure the gym rings were able to be mounted, you could choose the weight of the KB, and the barbell weights were heavy enough to get a decent workout.

I am curious to see the results of this new question. I feel strongly about each of the potential answers.  I promise you I won't be the first to vote either. I'm not showing my hand....

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Louis Hayes said...

after 3 votes, it's tied! and I still haven't voted yet.