Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ross Training

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"Hardcore Training" article by Ross Enamait. Exerpt:

Hardcore Video - Exercise Descriptions

  • Dumbbell snatch – The first movement is a dumbbell snatch with a 105-pound dumbbell. This movement can be used for strength development (lower reps) or conditioning (higher reps). This exercise will strengthen the entire body. 

  • Barbell punching motion – The next movement demonstrates how a barbell can be used to train many of the muscles involved in punching. This movement will develop power, core strength, coordination, and more. 

  • Glute ham raise – Next, we see a glute-ham raise utilizing a homemade work bench. I have added a 20 pound weighted vest for a greater challenge. Several variations can be performed. I recommend lowering yourself slowly on the way down, and then squeezing hard on the way up. Use the lower body to power you from bottom to top. 

  • Rope climb – Next, we see a rope climb. Rope climbing is tremendous for grip strength and upper body pulling strength. Several rope-climbing variations are discussed in the Never Gymless text. 

  • Rope pull-up – If rope climbing is not an option, you can perform rope pull-ups. This variation is demonstrated with a 2” manila rope. A weighted vest is added for a greater challenge. 

  • Jump rope intervals – The jump rope is then demonstrated. I used intervals on the jump rope as one of the primary forms of conditioning throughout my mass-gaining experiment. 

  • Ab Wheel Rollouts – Next, I demonstrate a standing wheel rollout with three weighted vests. I am wearing a 50 pound vest, along with a 20 and 10 pounder (total of 80 pounds). The added weight makes the standing rollout much more challenging. 

  • Russian Twists – Next, I use a slant board to perform a weighted Russian twist. I have always enjoyed this exercise for the development of rotational strength. 

  • Resistance Band Hooks – In Never Gymless, I illustrate how resistance bands can be used to train certain punching motions. The videos offers a demonstration of the left hook. I have looped a strong resistance band from Jump Stretch around my arm. You can also train other movements such as the uppercut and cross. Work both sides evenly. 

  • Heavy bag – I then drill the left hook on a large uppercut bag.
  • Keg Clean and Press – Lastly, I demonstrate the keg clean and press. Keg lifting offers a tremendous challenge. As the water sloshes back and forth, the stabilizers work overtime to control the load. 
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