Saturday, April 18, 2009

Athletic Skill Levels

CrossFit Seattle published standards for four levels of fitness.  They rank certain aspects of physical fitness into almost 30 categories. A summary of each level is found here in a piece called "How Fit are You?"  It should have been called "Get Humbled Here" after how it made some of us feel after comparing ourselves to the chart. The chart is here.
  1. Healthy Beginner
  2. Intermediate Athlete
  3. Advanced Athlete
  4. Elite Athlete
Unfortunately, some of the testing/movement standards are absent.  For example, what constitutes "passing" for the Level II "Hips" test of 100 free squats?  Does one have to complete 100 air squats with absolutely no rest?  The same question can be asked of the military press. Is it a standing or a seated movement?

Take it or leave it. This is only ONE of many ways to determine fitness levels.  It humbled me. I hope it will humble you too. ;)

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Anonymous said...

either i really suck or i think that chart does
jim q