Saturday, July 11, 2009

Events: Barbell seminars in July

  • Fundamentals of the Squat
  • Saturday, 07-18-2009, 1100-1300hrs
  • CrossFit DuPage, Lombard, IL

  • Fundamentals of the Deadlift
  • Saturday, 08-01-2009, 1100-1300hrs
  • CrossFit DuPage, Lombard, IL

Mary Licko (above) will be running some barbell lifting seminars later this month. First off, Mary is a NASM-certified personal trainer. She is also heavily educated through CrossFit with certifications in: Level 1 trainer, Barbell, Olympic Lifting, and Nutrition.

Nate at CrossFit DuPage is bringing in Mary to teach the above listed two (2) seminars. Each costs $50 to attend. Class size is limited to six (6) attendees each. This is a real deal for near-personal training for two hours. You do NOT have to attend both. Each is a separate curriculum. From what I hear, some of the slots are already get on it soon if you'd like to attend. E-mail Mary at for more.

My editorial: There is some serious debate among weightlifters as to whether the squat or the deadlift is the more "perfect" exercise. It's a great argument either way, and enjoyable to listen to and partake in. They are both extremely functional and practical, demand the highest degree of focus and balance, and recruit the greatest number of muscles to perform. So whether one of the exercises is the best or second-best, it really doesn't matter. If you are not including BOTH the squat and deadlift into your sessions, you are severely lacking the two most critical components of fitness building blocks.


The Last, The Lost, The Least said...

We work out in my basement in Willowbrook, its usually just a couple of my friends and me. We are all gymnasts from Hinsdale Central.

Anonymous said...

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Louis Hayes said...

Update: Deadlift clinic is changed to SAT 08-01-09.