Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adventure race training...running.

I've been doing some race-specific training. In preparation for an adventure race, my pack and I have been sharing quality time on the trails. My pack weighs in at about 30#, bringing my total weight to 265-270#. The above photo is from the Midwest Monster AR in Quincy, IL. The pack is a CamelBak Transformer. I really like the set up, including the waist strap, chest strap, pocket design, cargo size, and ergonomic shape of the back. The extra load obviously affects not only speed, but the impact on joints. Some racers who do not train "under load" find their arms and hands going numb during the race!!

Here are my last two trail runs:
  • 8.1-mile Yellow Loop
  • Swallow Cliff FP, Cook County
  • Ran it CCW
  • 1:30:30 total, for 11:10/mi pace

  • 9.5-mile loop
  • Waterfall Glen FP, DuPage County
  • Ran it CW
  • 1:47:23 total, for 11:18/mi pace
  • NOTE: Dreaded uphill btwn 5 and 4 markers = 12:23

To get in the desired weekly mileage, my other workouts suffer. I find myself teetering on that fine line of finding my limit and overtraining. With a race approaching, I cannot afford an injury. I've been injury free for many races now...mostly I attribute to the reduction of my other General Physical Prep (GPP) style workout sessions. As the mileage in any given run rises (up to 16-18 miles?) so does the time required to complete it. I expect my bodyweight to drop, which is a good thing for this clydesdale adventure racer!

I have plans to train with a US Navy nurse who is running a team endurance event. Allison G is heading up a team of four naval officers that has to carry a single 40# pack over 14 miles (trading it off along the course). That's in addition to a ton of other events such as rope climbing and team pushups. I'll be muling a pack with her on some trail runs.

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