Monday, August 24, 2009

Exercise of the Week: Hang Cleans

HANG CLEANS are a great movement to begin bringing more powerful Olympic lifts into your program. This is a video of me doing some hang cleans at 185#. I had this taken to analyze my own form and technique. After watching this, I realize I need to work on quite a few aspects of the HANG CLEAN!! I suck.

What is hard for some beginners to understand is the "jump" and "land" portions of the movement. My "lands" in this video are ugly. They are on my toes, and not solid. Also, my initial dip is not deep enough to generate the power needed to get heavier weight.

The internet is quite a terrible place to search for HANG CLEAN videos. I searched at length and found a lot of crap (if you can believe it...worse than what I posted of myself!!). This link from is one of the better resources. stands for Exercise Prescription on the Net. It's not too shabby to find out info on Olympic lifts.

One workout that I have really enjoyed is a barbell complex preparing lifters for a clean-and-jerk. It contains deadlifts, hang cleans, front squats, and push jerks... all with the same bar and weight! The actual format of the workout is:
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 15 deadlifts
  • 12 hang cleans
  • 9 front squats
  • 6 push jerks
Try it with a reasonable weight. The CrossFit prescribed weight is 135# for men. WAY too heavy for beginners. I recommend 95# or less for a first time, regardless of ability.

Hang squat cleans are fully FUNCTIONAL. It resembles the movement of so many of life's tasks. I watched a man lift a heavy awkward box up to his chest using a hang clean today. Also, I found myself lifting up a container in the same fashion a few days ago.


Mary said...

Working the hang power clean... nice!
Focus on the Burgener warm-up, especially the jump and land. It totally helps.
Keep it up!

Tom said...

Video is one of the best tools for learning the o-lifts, especially if you review your lift immediately. This allows for real time corrections.