Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poll results...and new question too.

Results for the latest poll question.

I regularly use the following equipment (mark all that apply):
  • 79% Kettlebells
  • 72% Medicine balls
  • 72% Barbells
  • 50% Gym Rings
  • 31% Resistance Bands
  • 22% Weighted Vest
  • 22% Sledgehammer
  • 22% Sandbags/ Heavy bag
  • 22% Swiss ball
  • 18% Truck tire
  • 15% Parallettes
  • 6% Bosu ball

I'm surprised that kettlebells took the top honor, and REALLY surprised that Gym Rings posted so high. I wouldn't have thought as many of our readers use a suspension system. Overall, I was happy to see how many of the items are used regularly.....I guess it means there's a lot of variety and spice in our readers' programs.

Check out the newest question posted in the right column.

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