Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poll/Survey Results.

The most recent poll is closed. I asked readers to pick one of three options with regards to diet and activity.

I need the most help in what category...
  1. 60% - Food / Diet Control
  2. 36% - Both Food / Diet Control AND Physical Activity
  3. 3% - Physical Activity

I can't believe that there were that many votes pertaining to nutrition and diet. I thought that physical activity would rank fairly high in comparison to the other options.

I guess I should be posting more on nutrition and food topics. Then again, there is so much conflicting information about what type of foods are best. I'll do my best to provide balanced information about nutrition. Can we at least agree that certain foods are generally bad, and most of us probably overeat?

In the meantime, vote on the new question in the right column.

With the onset of cold Chicago weather, how does your workout program change?

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Mary said...

If you guys have nutrition questions, shoot me an email or post here.