Monday, November 9, 2009

THE HARD ROUTINE: Forty Days and Forty Nights.

Day 40. Two-thirds completed.

Forty days holds a bit of historical significance, which is why we celebrate it today. Temptations lasting 40 days are nothing new...but we still have three easy weeks remaining. That's only about one-third left!

Lots of positive stories making their way to me this past week. They came mostly in the way of tales of weight loss and testimony of sticking to Personal Commitment Contracts. Quite a few readers anxiously await the third Prison Workout. PWO#3 will begin in mid-December, and use nothing more than a pullup bar and barbell set. Tom G and Dan E are offering input into the 24 sessions. More ideas are welcomed.

For those of you who have been strict with your rules: Time to start looking forward to a few binge meals post-Hard Routine. My wife and I anticipate a couple of dishes we'll gorge ourselves on -- deep dish pizza, wheat beer, chocolate whatever order we find it. Post to comments with your first meals when this Hard Routine is complete.

Personal note: I'm melting away. Eating an absolute ton. Down 13# since October 1st. Meat, veggies, and fruits. Few starches. Little sugar. No sweets. No booze. I feel great. I reached two gym goals this past week: 100 pullups in under 10 minutes (9:54) and topping a 1000-pound CrossFit Total (1005#). Leaning-out has its immediate benefits while hanging from the pullup bar FOR SURE.

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