Saturday, January 9, 2010

Event: 2010 Fight for Air CLIMB

The event is announced for 2010. February 14th in Oakbrook Terrace.

I need your help...well, more specifically, I need your money. I have to raise donations to the American Lung Association in order to climb in February. Please click here to make a donation. Any amount is appreciated. If you see that other climbers on my team are running low on donations, don't hesitate to sponsor them instead of me. We all need the help. Our team does a lot of these charity events, and the financial demands catch up with us.

This year the FIAT SWAT Taskforce has agreed to do this climb while wearing tactical gear. This is obviously going to really change things up for us. Our personal tactical gear weighs between 50-70#. We've done this same exact building for more than a handful of years....but always with gym shoes and workout shorts. Now we'll be in boots, tactical uniforms, ballistic vests, and carrying heavy equipment such as shields and battering rams. Each ram weighs about 40#. So climbers are adding about 100# to their bodyweight!

Thanks again for any donation you can make on my (or our) behalves.

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Louis Hayes said...

Thank you so much for the donations to this worthy cause. Just because I have met my individual goal, my teammates still need some donations. Please click on their names to see who is short money!

Thanks again!