Friday, March 5, 2010

READ: "The Third World Squat"

Please read this article from T-Nation. It came highly recommended by Tom G. He and I sometimes see a middle-aged man running the staircase at Swallow Cliff Woods who drops into a quick "third world squat" at the top of each climb. He sits in it for 30-45 seconds as a rest and a stretch. Very impressive.

The Third-World Squat by Craig Weller

The sun wouldn't be up for another twenty minutes or so. But already the class was gathered under the feeble glow of a single streetlight, on a concrete slab that at one time had been the foundation of a building. It was now our gym.

Piled in the red, volcanic soil off to the side was a rusty stack of weights and three Olympic bars. This was our equipment. We wouldn't need them today. Today was sandbag day. Each student, at the beginning of training, had been given a sandbag to fill with gravel. One smart-ass brought his back stuffed with a pillow. There's always a smart-ass....

Click here to continue reading. WARNING: There are frequent sidebar photos of bikini-clad women. It may not be suitable for work or family settings. Continue at own risk.


Dan Ensing said...

Great article! I remember reading it at some point last and loved it.


Lori said...

Interesting. Lately I've taken to that position every chance I get during the day, and once in a while I'll do it with out really thinking about it in a public place... (in the library, in the middle of an outdoor run, etc.)
Well, it always draws a lot of strange looks because we aren't use to seeing it.
It's been really good for me, I hope readers give it a try.