Friday, May 21, 2010

POLL: Results and new question

Sorry for the delay. Back in town.

Results are tabulated for another survey: I mostly workout...
  • After work (47%).
  • All over the clock (27%).
  • Before work (23%).
  • Early in the morning (1%).
  • Late at night (zero).

There is also a new question posed on the board.>>>>

My workout plan RIGHT NOW is:
  • CrossFit mainpage
  • make stuff up
  • one of the Prison WOs
  • other CrossFit affiliate programming
  • P90X
  • other non-CF functional program
Also, please post your affiliate program or other non-CF programming to comments.


Louis Hayes said...

still following CF Phoenix Fire Dept program. and really enjoying it.

Scott Sievert said...

Belong to QCCrossfit, Davenport, Iowa