Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exercise of the Week: ComMANder in the Mirror

The ComMANder in the Mirror workout commemorates the past few years our Police Lieutenant served as our unit commander. No, he's not dead! He's just be reassigned from our unit. I'm sure he'll still be around, even after his official time is up. He's one of only a few remaining charter members.

What a better way to honor a diehard functionalist than by pushing oneself the the limit? The appearance of the number "45" is significant because it is our Lieutenant's badge number. It also conveniently is the weight of a standard barbell plate. Coincidence? I think not. And the plate getups? He's a huge fan of getups! As for the name of the workout? You'll have to ask him....

  • ComMANder in the Mirror.
  • 45x burpee broad jumps
  • 45x total steps of walking lunges with 45# plate overhead
  • 45x 45# plate ground-to-overhead anyhows (G2OA)
  • 45x 45# plate getups (PGUs) -- (while lying on the ground, "hug" a plate and get off the floor to your feet.)
  • 45x pushups

Today our unit members participated in the challenge as a group, but timed as individuals. Here are some results:
  • 15:20 Schlik
  • 16:39 Soup
  • 17:29 The Lt
  • 18:12 Giraffe
  • 18:40 Nick G
  • 19:04 Mac
  • 19:37 Jew
  • 19:48 Bacon
  • 19:55 Highland
  • 21:34 Lillie
  • 21:44 Chicky
  • 21:46 Woody
  • 22:12 Hurt
  • 23:45 The Reverend
  • 25:01 Joshie
  • 25:56 Bulldog
  • 26:08 Hayes
  • 26:25 Liss
  • 28:13 Tree
  • 28:37 Rojas
  • 28:55 Froggy
  • 30:36 Sven
  • 32:15 AJ
  • 16:10 MS (@25#)
  • 29:02 JA (@25#)
Wow. I felt like crap. Four hours after the challenge, I was still lightheaded. Now it's ten hours afterwards, and my head is still pounding. Yeah, it wrecked me to say the least. I went into this with a bad disaster recipe combining short sleep, minimal food, dehydrated, and coming off of vacation. No excuse, but I'll fare better next time!

If anyone else participates, please post time/load to comments.

Best of luck to you, Lieutenant! Another plankowner bows out.
Remember: (It's) not what you do, it's who you are.
IHSV. 99.


Anonymous said...

For the P2GA, do you completely release the plate on the ground or do you hand onto it and just touch the ground?

Louis Hayes said...

Tap the ground with the plate. Most guys will grab it like a steering wheel at 9 and 3 o'clocks, tapping the plate at the 12 to the ground.