Sunday, September 12, 2010

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: The San Francisco Crippler

Seriously, if this workout hadn't come up in my programming today, I would have never picked it myself. For those new to CrossFit, you might think this isn't much for a whole day's workout. Yeah OK.
  • The San Francisco Crippler
  • 30 back squats at 225# (155# for women),
  • Row 1000 meters.
  • For time.
In my research, there are several CrossFit workouts named "cripplers." They almost all include 30 back squats of various loads (some call for bodyweight). Some replace the 1000 meter row with a one-mile run.

How did I do? I finished in 5:56. I did the squats in one set (no racking the bar), though there were brief standing rest periods. Squats took 1:45. Including getting to the C2 rower, strapping in, and getting started rowing, the 1000 meters took 4:11.

It did not take long to realize why it's called The SF Crippler. Two hours later my legs almost buckled as I walked down a set of stairs!

I share this workout because of it's uniqueness. It demands strength-endurance. At 225#, the squats aren't heavy. However, the volume is high. This can be considered a "Heavy MetCon." The load is high, yet it taxes one's conditioning too. My current program (CF Phoenix Arizona Fire) uses A LOT of heavy MetCons in their schedule. So you still ask, "Why is strength so important?" The answer is not "so you can do these types of workouts." It's so you can complete tasks in real life that involve moving large loads, long distances, quickly. And then repeat.

Try this workout. If 225# is too heavy -OR- you don't have access to a rower, make adjustments. The Newport Beach Crippler is 30x225#, then run one mile. The Crippler (original) is 30xBW, then run one mile. Scaling beyond those results in a non-RXed performance.


Tim said...

At 225#, the squats aren't heavy. However, the volume is high.

For some of us that is heavy!

Still trying to recover from Murph on Saturday morning.

Joe said...

225 is 1.5x body weight for this fella!!