Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Hard Routine 2010 - WEEK FOUR starting

A Hard Routine participant sent the above to me on Day One. I cropped off her name to preserve her privacy. Click on each of the scans to see a larger, more read-able view. The below excerpts were also part of her email to me:

Well, I finished my contract and I can honestly say that this was probably the most in-depth I have ever gotten when I analyzed my diet/workout habits (the contract is attached). I decided that I've been half-assed in my attempts to take on some of the programs that you have so graciously offered for free ... yet I am willing to pay for a gym membership I never use which doesn't seem to make any sense. So I've given up on the gym membership and I'm starting on the bare bones approach of working out with the equipment I've purchased over the last few years as a result of my exposure to crossfit and your blogspot ... By filling out this contract, I realized it was about making a mental change in the way I thought about adopting a workout regimen ... this challenge will hopefully help me make that mental change in my thought process to adapt being fit into my daily life.

I'd really like to see what sort of progress she's made so far. I'll let her post to comments if she desires.

Why do I share this contract and email? I believe it's a perfect summary of most all of our own individual Hard Routines, and the same reasons why we each committed to these two months. By writing down our rules, it seals a covenant with ourselves and with each other.

I can barely believe that three weeks have already passed. I have been taking regular doses of my own medicine: Prison Workou #4. It's been a great return to strict kettlebelling - a return to my roots of sorts. I like the cardio-endurance, balance, coordination, agility, and stamina aspects of the heavier KBs - especially after almost SIX months of a strength and Olympic lifting bias CrossFit program. I got strong as heck, but I needed a change. And my uniform shirts started getting tight in the shoulders and lats!!! Yeah!! But a return to KBs is good.

Diet? Going great. Haven't even been cheating all that badly on Sundays. I went ate some white bread buns and a handful of potato chips while tailgating at the Chicago Bears game last weekend. Most proud of my steering clear of all alcohol. And been eating a lot of veggies!

Lastly, please take a moment to answer the poll question at the right >>>>>>> regarding The Hard Routine, and what has been the most challenging for you.


Unknown said...

The contract posted in my opinion, is very good. It could be mine, except for positive comments about atheletic ability and enjoying sports. I especially relate to the weaknesses. I'm not doing very good so far, but it is because I am not really trying very hard. My goal from this point forward is to make this a priority and stick to it much better than I have so far.

Mrs. Magdziasz said...

Good for you Lou! I know I did not commit to your Routine, but the good news is I have not had a beer since Sept 17. and alcohol in general since Sept. 25. All it took was 3 heavy Octoberfests and a 2-day headache ;-)

As far as "roots" I went back to Sept. 2007 in the CF archives to when I really enjoyed the programming and having my butt kicked... such a relief compared to some of the crazy things they have posted recently. This time around I know from experience what I am supposed to be getting out of each WOD and put my pride on the shelf... I am not ashamed to scale!

I can honestly say I once again look forward to the WODs and glad I realized what it takes. Here's to everyone else in the group and their commitments to health, strength, and life :-)