Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hard Routine 2010 - WEEK ONE

Week One is over. Start Week Two.

Easy enough to say. In some respects, after only a week, new habits can take bite. Once some of our "bad" foods get eaten up, anything new we buy is part of the program. And new daily routines become the norm instead of painful changes. For me, healthy nutrition is in direct proportion to my grocery shopping. Good shopping = good eating. And I am shopping well.

However, for some who may have laced up their Hard Routine plans too tightly, they might be craving some basic treats from the "No List." Without a little flexibility, strict plans of denial might lead to either complete breakdown, or in the case of even a small cave-in -- an extreme sense of guilt.

I had one such break yesterday. We got stuck on a LONG unexpected assignment at work. Absolutely NO chance for lunch break, NO eating-on-the-run, and NO access to any food. So ten hours later, we gang-rushed the stack of pizza boxes for whatever we could grab with two hands. At one point, I was eating next to two of our Primal Blueprint "Groksters" laughing at how violently we shoveled that pizza into our mouths!! In years past, I would NEVER have eaten that pizza -- out of a deeply rooted commitment to my promise. I knew guilt would consume me. However, this year, I simply justified it as a way to keep from passing out from low blood sugar. Weak? Maybe. Post arguments to comments....

If you've had a hard time this past week, that's sorta the idea. It's not meant to be easy. That's called every other month up until now: The Easy Routine. If your Hard Routine rules are going to be unsustainable, then make some changes. Keep the big picture in mind --- small positive changes to our daily habits. We're hoping some of the "rules" will morph into habits beyond the end date of Dec 1st.

I've received some totally awesome emails from participants. I need to get back to some of the senders for permission to repost (either by name or anonymously). They are great!! Super motivational.

Again, if you aren't getting my email updates (like the one with a link to this post), then get in touch with me.

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Keep it up. Stay strong.


Tony J. said...

Good thing I missed the pizza! Didn't even know it was there. I was starving but came home to a turkey sandwich. I was accidentally good!

J Caruso said...

I'm VERY, VERY sad. I thought I loved iced coffee, but I guess I don't. I loved the sugar in the iced coffee. I'm settling for second best for now (cream)! :(