Thursday, March 31, 2011

Police Week Memorial Workout - May 8-15, 2011

What: Police Week Memorial Workout.
When: you pick sometime during the week of May 8th-15th, 2011.
Where: wherever you are.
Who: you and your friends.
Why: to remember fallen police officers and promote functional physical fitness within the LE community.

This challenge has been dubbed the 75-by-75 because it's just that: 75 pounds lifted 75 times, from ground-to-overhead-anyhow (shortened G2OA). Some participants use technical barbell movements such as the "clean-and-jerk" or "power snatch." Others just muscle the weight up anyway or anyhow. Most use a mixture of different techniques, movements, and grips until all 75 reps are completed. Regardless, it's a true challenge that puts demands on all muscle groups and the cardio-respiratory system.

Standard women's weight is 55 pounds.

Police Officers must be ready to exert high energy for short bursts of time. This workout is designed to replicate the intensity and duration Officers meet on the front lines of crime and violence. Most participants finish between 4 to 10 minutes. That's it! You will suck wind and want to rest and catch your breath. On the street, Police Officers CANNOT quit. For many police participants, this is the first introduction to high-intensity, functional, and practical physical fitness. Those participants with big arms and a heavy bench press don't always fare as well as they'd think.

This is not a fundraiser. There is no charity attached to our event. What we do demand is that each participant do this in memory of a fallen police officer, sheriff's deputy, special agent, correctional guard, or other peace officer. Many of you readers already have a downed friend or co-worker in mind. Others can go to the Officer Down Memorial Page to help find one to commemorate. Many participants pick officers who have recently been in the news or those who protected their hometown.

This year, I am doing my 75x75 in honor of:
  • PO Thor Soderberg #14767, PD Chicago IL, EOW: 07-07-10.

PREP WORK: To prepare, there are several options. First and foremost, you should replicate the barbell movement from G2OA. Some use a mix of: lighter loads (55-65#) done quickly for more repetitions (75-100 reps) as well as some days with heavier loads (95-115#) done for less repetitions (50-75 reps). This develops a hybridization fitness blending strength, stamina, and cardio-respiratory aspects. We are currently six weeks out from Police Week. This is plenty of time to train your body and mind for a respectable performance!!

For previous years' results and photos, click here. I am not compiling results this year, but would really appreciate if all participants reply to comments with their name, results, and the information on their honored officer. Thanks!


Dave said...

Dave Macaluso, PD Lincolnwood IL, 10:32 Barbell, P.O. Steven Zourkas, PD Niles, IL EOW 4/8/05

Weber said...

Jeff Weber Oak Brook PD
C.P.D. Officer Michael Bailey Sr.
E.O.W. 07-18-10
Barbell 5:57

Anonymous said...

Bob Heard 75x75 7:13
In memory of Police Officer Stephanie Brown
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
San Antonio Police Department