Thursday, July 28, 2011

BLOG: See Me Get Fit

Friend and fellow crimefighter Daina C has started her own nutrition blog:
She's a CrossFitter and faithfully studies human nutrition. Daina's blog is still in its infancy, but will surely grow in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Please click on the link and read about her. She's someone you too will trust with your food and diet questions...

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RobP said...

I came across your blog while, oddly enough, doing a business name search. I'm opening a CrossFit affiliate in Nashville, TN and have an affiliate name, but need a business name that doesn't include "CrossFit" ('busines name LLC' doing business as 'affiliate name'). So the affiliate name we got approved is CrossFit Agape. I was trying to play on the faith, hope, love them for the busniness name as well and then moved over to using trinity in the name. And here I am. Anyway, I scoped out the site, read the story and like what I see. I've got a buddy on the force here that is interested in SWAT that I'm going to send the link to. Keep up the good work fellas and thanks.