Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CrossFit physical training program

We are NOT a CrossFit affilitate, but we are CrossFitters. That's why you see so many links to CF resources. Please read the articles to learn more about their program, as we'll be referring to it time and time again. In a nutshell: blur the lines of distinction between strength, cardio, sprint, jump, powerlifting, and gymnastics training and integrate the concepts into a single random program. The results are scary!! The workouts are intense, but short. Only do exercises that are practical for LIFE. Do not isolate muscle groups as has been programmed into us by bodybuilders and health magazines. CF is sweeping the nation for a reason...it produces results faster than any program out there. Try the concept. You will probably suck at first....but stick with it. You'll see.

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Brian Melvin said...

Murph is starting to freak people out!!! How bout adding CSAT to links?