Friday, February 22, 2008

Determination: The Key Ingredient

So you've seen the below announcement for MURPH for Miller. And there are two camps setting up tents across the field from each other. One camp is called "I Can" and the other is called "I Can't." Now the reality is this: you will unfailingly align yourself with the right camp. If you think you cannot complete the are correct. You won't. But the flip side is also true. The catch is you must not only say you can, but actually believe you can. I find myself among a small faction within the "I Can" camp called the "It's Gonna Be Ugly" group. Now the "IGBU" group is comprised of some persistent, no...stubborn individuals that will under no circumstances sleep in the "I Can't" camp. I love hanging out with the IGBUs....they're a motivating breed. I'd take on the Devil himself with a couple of my closest IGBUs!

Some of my friends have already thrown out some goal times to complete MURPH under (like 35 or 45 minutes. WOW). However, for me at 230lbs, I have to realistically plan for the likes of a two-hour workout. Or more!! But I will finish it at whatever the cost. My body will hurt for days, but not as painfully or lasting as my soul would if I have to sleep with the "I Can'ts."

We can all recall stories of those with determination. Maybe we saw it in an athletic contest, or in a tale of wilderness survival, or in beating-the-odds success. Bare-bones determination has little to do with physical or mental abilities, but rather having the belief and spirit and passion to reach a destination. No matter what obstacles are in the way, those with determination succeed! It's not that they don't get beat down; it's that they don't stay down.

Today we look down the road at one of those obstacles in the form of a grueling, daunting task. Its name is MURPH. We have the benefit of goal-oriented planning and strategizing for the task. By adding physical preparation to the rock-solid determination, the hurdle gets smaller.

We are two months away from the date. Brian M will soon be posting some workout plans. I look forward to his suggestions, as I need all the help I can get to ease my aches. But for now, I'm satisfied knowing that my determination, persistence, and yes..stubbornness will bring me to the end, regardless of how ugly it might be. I hope to share my campsite with you. Until pullups.


Jen said...

Lou, I think I'm from another sub-sect of the "I Can" group. I'm a "Don't Wanna But Gotta." Doing the hard thing, the good thing, and the righteous thing is so important that the fact that I may not want to do it is irrelevant.

schlik said...

Great posting!!! The "I cans" of the world can make such a difference.

Now about that 200 something weight, we have like four weeks to get ya to 210!!! You will make this under 75 minutes!!!!