Friday, April 18, 2008

Poll results - How many pullups can you do?

I was surprised by the results of this latest poll. How many pullups can you do?
Zero pullups: 22%
One pullup: ZERO %
2 to 5 pullups: 27%
5 to 10 pullups: 5%
10 or more pullups: 44%

I guess I was expecting more of an inverse relationship. I thought the bulk of answers would be 2-5, less being 5-10, and the least being over 10. Maybe those who responded (or even just browse this blog) are more fitness-minded than the general population...skewing the numbers toward a "fitter" population. Regardless, this is a poll I will be revisiting in the future. I think the numbers will be higher even if I ask again in one month. I for sure will be jumping into the 10 or more category this month. Whoo Hoo!! And I'm positive anyone who answered zero will jump up also! Any future zeroes must be new to the poll :)

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