Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swallow Cliff workouts - update

If these girls look less than enthusiastic, take into account they just finished a killer running, stair-climbing, and KB workout!
I've been emailing some people I thought would be interested in group outdoor workouts in the local forest preserves. Much to my satisfaction...people are actually showing up. We encounter new faces each time! To those of you who have participated, thanks. You make our experience more enjoyable. I hope we've done the same.
From some responses, I gather (maybe incorrectly) there's a wee bit of intimidation. I encourage you to put aside your fear or anxiety to see what exactly it is that we do. What the more advanced participants do is different than what the beginners do.
Maybe you don't have any equipment at home? I have been bringing a 35lb kettlebell. Some of the ladies have been bringing 15# and 25# KBs. Each of us has been designing a workout that suits our individual needs and capabilities. For some, simply climbing the stairs is a challenge. For others, adding a short KB session at the top or bottom is more enjoyed. Yet for others, incorporating abdominal exercises, pushups, sprints, and advanced /complex KBs is their way to go. Basically anything goes. Come and use our equipment. Just don't make me wait too long ;)
We've been using Swallow Cliff because of the great opportunity to use stairs. Changes in elevation give us the chance to mix up our efforts...from a simple walk up, to jumps, to running, to backwards, to sideways...variety is the key. And the staircase allows us to stay within competitve and motivating view of our partners regardless of their fitness levels. A normal running path would leave huge gaps between partners of differring capabilities, ruining the group spirit!
We are accepting of people from all fitness levels and experiences. You don't have to bring any equipment other than a water bottle and a positive attitude. Regardless of your current program or activity level, try our group workouts in the preserves. Go vertical!

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Brendan said...

Lou: It was nice meeting you today at Swallow Cliff. Please put me on your distribution list. I can be reached at the following:

Thanks for helping my son out today.


Jim Duffy