Friday, May 9, 2008

BT Athletes - Youth Football Camps

Our friends Tom and Joe at BT Athletes are gearing up for another camp this summer. They have designed a youth football skills development camp in the Downers Grove area for 5th through 8th graders.

Short for "Break Through," I find the group's name to be multi-dimensional: First, the name refers to an offensive player "breaking through" a line of defenders for a lofty gain of yardage...or even a score! Secondly, the name infers (and rightly so) that an athlete has to properly develop him/herself to "break through" first onto the team roster, onto the starting lineup, or even into the next level of play.
Here's why I endorse their program: First of all, Tom and Joe are both functional fitness warriors themselves. They understand the necessity to embrace a fully-integrated training program. Such a complete system not only enhances an athlete's performance, but also limits the potential for injury. The BT Athletes model blurs the line of distinction between sporting technique and physical fitness...not an easy task. Many trainers focus time on one or the other, but Tom and Joe have the formula to tackle the two issues together. And they practice what they preach!

Drills range from box jumps to side-shuffles, incorporating coordination, agility, speed and explosive power. They are done in a method that is safe for adolescents. Combining plyometrics with footwork drills is just one way BT Athletes integrates technique and fitness. Other drills are position-specific. Five position categories allow dedicated drills for: QBs, RBs, Line, LB/DBs, and WR/TEs.
What a great system Tom and Joe have put together. Introducing youth to a functional fitness system is truly a fantastic gift. Read some local press on their camp here. (Sorry, but the link to the newspaper just expired today...what are the chances?)

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