Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poll Results: Favorite cardio machine?

What's your favorite cardio machine? I have been out of touch with the realities of a health club setting for more than a couple of years. Given that, I estimated what the answers were going to be for this past poll based on what I observe in the basement gym at work, and in the storefront windows of the local fitness clubs I pass in my daily travels.

I almost cannot believe there were ZERO answers to "Elliptical machine." I thought for sure it would be the front-runner. Maybe there has been so much elliptical-bashing among functionalists that the guilt of picking it was too much to bear. Maybe our blog readers are primarily the core functionalists who get virtually no results from the so-called "feel good" elliptical. Regardless, I'm still surprised.

There was a practical 4-way tie between Rower, Treadmill, Bike, and Versa-Climber. Again, I did not expect so many answers for Versa-Climber. I personally like the VC because it allows me to reach my target heart rate the quickest, therefore giving me the highest intensity workout of all options. It's my version of "more bang for your buck."

There were also ZERO answers for StairMaster. Here's my take on this: Many of the blog readers substitute outdoor hills, or other stair climbs in place of the boring stationary equipment. I know many of you readers use either the hose tower, high-rise buildings, or the stairs at work, especially during the winter months. I'm not surprised at the voting on this answer.

Polling in general:

I'm not sure why there's been such a poor "voter turnout" for our poll questions. I get a regular website analytics report, so I know there are WAY more Trininy Training Group blog readers from across the country than those who are voting. If you have a question for us to post on our poll, please send it to us. As long as it fits our mission to further personal excellence (in one way or another), we'll ask our readers.

In the meantime, check back for another poll question. And this isn't Cook County, so only vote ONCE!

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