Friday, June 20, 2008

Poll Question: What kind of CrossFitter are you?

For this most recent poll, I use the term "CrossFitter." CrossFit is one of the most popular web-based functional fitness programs. It brings with it a certain amount of recognition. However, when speaking of CF and functional/practical fitness, it's easy to isolate them as one...much like the brand-stamping battle of Kleenex versus facial tissue, or Xerox versus photocopying. There are other programs out there, but like I said, CrossFit is the biggest. So for this poll, the term "CrossFitter" means a disciple of the CF methodology of complete and practical fitness. Here are some guides for answering the poll question accurately:

Die-Hard Purist: You check the CF website each and every day to find out what Coach's WOD is....and do them RXed. You might belong to a CF affiliate. If not, you most likely have a set of gym rings hanging in your basement. You know a 10-minute FRAN time sucks, even though you might not be under that yet.

Gettin' Militant: You know the functional fitness model is the way to go. You have seen some incredible results from coupling up various exercises, and working at a higher intensity. You know most of the Girls and Heroes. Doing the WOD daily is probably in your future, but sticking to Coach's schedule is not you just yet.

Cherry-Pickin': You know better. You know you should be adding more functionality to your WOs, but just don't for the sake of laziness. But then again, maybe you just don't have access all the equipment necessary to do the WODs as RXed. You probably haven't given up bench presses, curls, or cable push-downs. And damn, those kettlebells are pretty cool!!

Easing into it: Maybe you've read the What is CrossFit article. Maybe all the talk in the gym about higher-intensity circuit training has peaked your interest. Regardless, your WOs are beginning to move from more traditional health club exercises to more total-body movements. Your WOs probably use medicine balls, and maybe have even sprouted with kettlebells. Endless miles of running have been substituted with some shorter duration interval runs...and you like the results so far. Your appetite has been whet.

CrossFit? What is that?: You have no idea what a "thruster" is, do you? And who the hell are Helen, Elizabeth, and Cindy? Don't feel left out if you haven't heard of CrossFit yet. Among the big name health and fitness clubs, the word "CrossFit" is less acceptible than the N-word. There's a threat to million-dollar clubs who can be phased out with a couple hundred or thousand dollars of equipment in a residential basement or garage. You better read the articles on the right column!!

Thanks for voting. It helps us better address the wants of our readership.

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Pat M said...

Die Hard...CFing in basement in South Naperville.