Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming Update

I have completed six (6) sessions of swimming. I have gone twice per week for three (3) weeks. What a difference since Day 1. As you can see in the photo above, I am starting to grow gills! Here are summaries for my last few aqua WOs:

Day 1. 20x 50M. Each separated by 60-sec rest. Total of 1000M.

Day 2. 10x 100M. I took 5 deep breaths at the far side of the pool, and 60-sec rest between each 100M. Total of 1000M.

Day 3. 13x 100M. Rests of 30-60 secs. Total was 1300M.

Day 4. 8x 200M. Rests of 45-60 secs. Total was 1600M.

Day 5. 6x 300M. Rests of 45-60 sec. Total of 1800M.

Day 6. 4x 400M. Rests of 60 sec. Total of 1600M.

I can barely conceive how quickly my body has adapted to swimming. Other veteran swimmers at the pool are more than helpful, giving hints and tricks to us obvious newbies. I've promised myself to concentrate on only one new aspect each time. If I try to bring all the adjustments together at once, my form goes to crap and I start taking in water. I can definitely sense my form getting more efficient. However, I attribute most of my new success to breath odd as that might sound. My short-term goal is to finish 1500M without breaks. I will reach it not by adding total meters, but by decreasing rest periods (in both duration and in number). This is going to be a case of trial-and-error....sink-or-swim....

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