Sunday, August 3, 2008

100 Day Burpee Challenge

Our friends Tom M and Ann M are promoting a 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Here's a link to their website.

Here's the challenge: Start TWO DAYS AGO with one burpee (yeah I know I'm posting late, but Tom and Ann got it to me late so blame them!). Add one burpee each day until you do 100 burpees on November 8th!! Since we're getting a late start, anyone beginning after August 1st must "buy in." I just "bought in" with my 6 burpees for the past few days' worth, so I'm good to go with my 4 tomorrow.

The burpee form standard is posted here. Many people conveniently forget that pushup at the bottom!

Send Ann an email at so she can put your name on the list of participants.

Post Script: OK, so I'm thinking that 100 burpees isn't all that big of a deal....then I realized that this is after a day of 99, after a day of 98, after a day of get my point. This is going to be a wicked 97 more days!

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Anonymous said...

Lou welcome aboard the Burpee Challenge. Yes your after thoughts are like those of many others. We all look at it like eh whats 100 burpees? We then realize of $h!+ look what I gotta do to get there. Well the one thing to take note is that in those 100 days you will do a total of 5050 burpees. My thoughts heading into this is enjoy the first month, after that its going to get ugly.

Ann talked to Malee out at CFSC (they are currently on day 22 of their challenge and capping this as the last day to buy into theirs by paying a whopping 253 burpees)and she said they had huge number join and just last week less than 20 days into it she had a large number of drop outs.... Not sure what the reason is but dont let this happen to you or anyone else you know in the challenge. This is going to be one of those things where mental toughness and peer support will be fundamental in achieving the final goal.