Friday, August 1, 2008

Poll Results / New Question Posed

The results are tabulated for the most recent poll question. What kind of CrossFitter are you?

  • Die-Hard Purist: 30%
  • Gettin' Militant: 30%
  • Cherrypickin': 15%
  • Easing into It: 10%
  • CrossFit? What's that?: 15%

There's a new question posed in the right column What's your MAIN reason for exercising?

  • For a race/competition
  • Career requirements
  • Stress Relief
  • Pure Fitness (self-betterment)
  • Weight Loss/Control
  • It's Fun!
  • I'm Bored!

This question was posed by Joe R, my swim partner. I bet if I allowed it, he'd vote on all seven choices!! ;)

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