Friday, September 19, 2008

Burpee Challenge: Half done? Not really!

Challenge coordinator Ann M has been using each 10th day as a milestone, as seen in her motivating reports.  I see this 50th day as even more special. It is a turn of events!

I've been waiting for Day 50 since August 1st. It signifies a real change.  For starters, if you look at the schedule, you'd see that Day 51 begins another column....something new.  Concerning duration: we are halfway through the total number of days. Concerning repetition numbers: we are a quarter through the total of 5,050 burpees.  And Day 51 begins a trend where we are doing more than the daily average of 50 (5,050 divided by 100 is equal to 50 per day)....each day we get exponentially closer to the end.

If you look at this Burpee Challenge as a mountain, we started at the top and began hiking down. Easy at first. Today, we are standing at the foot of that mountain.  And now we climb up! The easy part is over.  The climb up means longer burpee sessions, and probably more heavily fatigued limbs. But with each day, we are taking an even BIGGER bite out of the total number. That's exciting.

Over the past few weeks as numbers rose, I began changing my strategies. I began to do more integration of burpees into circuits. I did rounds of burpees, air squats, and back extensions. I also did rounds of burpees and rowing, or burpees and pullups. Even as of late, I was doing sets of 5 or 10, then walking across the yard or room and doing another set, until I hit the day's goal. Sometimes I've been cramming all the burpees into a pre-workout warmup, and other days I find myself doing the "Oh crap it's almost midnight, I better whip these out." 

I haven't missed a day since Labor Day (AKA: Day 32).  I ran that half marathon, and quickly decided I'd make up those reps on Tuesday. With the approach of the Midwest Monster adventure race, I think I'll be adding another make-up day that weekend.

Anyways, I hear of more and more 100 Day Burpee Challenges popping up around the country. Seems like there's groups all over the place in various stages of agony. I'm glad to be at that halfway point. And like I've been saying:

November 9th. Day 101: ZERO.

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