Monday, September 22, 2008

Half MURPH Results....

This afternoon we had a workplace Half MURPH.  Halving a gruelling workout such as MURPH is still so intense, it takes constant mental and emotional effort to maintain the high intensity: Run a half mile. Do 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 air squats. Run another half mile.  And of course, as fast as possible. Here are the results:

JC 18:20
Woody 23:27
Paulie 23:06
H-ski 23:30
Lou 25:35
Froggy 26:22
Jew 28:29
AJ 30:52
Shirley 31:14
Tommy L 32:21
Tree 32:55
Nick 33:50
Pic 35:52
Carp 36:52
Hurt 43:29
*Q's Daddy 24:41
*The Reverand 27:04

*denotes substitutions (not as RXed)

Great job everyone...especially those who met MURPH for the first time today!!!

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