Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PWO - Update through Day3

So how is everyone doing so far? What has been the most challenging? How does the actual WO compare to your expectations?

I'm pretty much sore all over....which seems to be the common ailment right now. The good news is we have a resting day tomorrow!!


mikeyc1972 said...

Good to know Im not the only one sore! I hav been doing a solid 20 min of yoga and stretches 2-3X daily this week to no avail! Looking fwd to the rest/recovery day.

Lori said...

sore(mostly my hamstrings)--and happy

Anonymous said...

I am Johnny Cashed right now... BJJ on Sunday, PWO on Monday, BJJ on Tuesday. My legs are like jelly.

Due to my BJJ schedule I had to change the schedule:

Sun- BJJ
Mon- PWO
Tues- BJJ
Wed- Off
Thurs/ Fri- PWO
Sat- Off

Thursday is going to be Tuesday's workout, and Friday will be as scheduled.



Louis Hayes said...

D1: 24 rds
D2: 18 rds (no pulls)
D3: 13:48

...and also D74, D75, and D76 of 100 Day Burpee Challenge. I'm doing burpees in morning, and PWO in afternoon/eve. Fun as hell.

Anonymous said...

Day 1: 23 rounds but I had to cheat on the last couple with the abs
Day 2: 10 rds cheated last couple rounds with jumping pullups
Day 3: Did not do
Day 4: 6 mile wilderness hike with 20lb ruck.


Anonymous said...

10/16: I did D2, completed 13 rounds, alternating 3 pullups (7 rnds) & 6 rows (6 rnds). Nice workout, really enjoyed it. However, D1 stil haunts me... I know Week 1 isn't over, but I'm looking forward to Week 2.


Anonymous said...

Had to play some catch up so I'm pulling a double workout today/ tonight. Looking forward to it though. And what prison lets you take a "long" walk?!

Louis Hayes said...

D5: 18 rds
D6: 10:25 w/pullups

I feel great...after my post-WO shower!