Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PWO Update - Week 3

How is everyone doing this third week of imprisonment? 

I know there are a few of you out there who started late and are a few days to a week behind the posted schedule. Other lost some days due to vacation, sickness, or long work hours.  What "Day" are you on?

What daily WO has been your favorite so far? Least favorite (AKA Most Hated)?

I'm putting together Week 4, so any suggestions might just end up as a WO....

Typical email response I get is: "Harder than I thought it would be." or "I can't believe how sore my legs are after squats with no weight."  Yeah, no kidding. Like Brian M says, "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!"


Lori said...

I am lovin' this to no end!

I'm glad to be starting this in an off-season as far as running goes --because I may have not stuck with it otherwise! I am right on schedule and I found out I own a set of biceps in my skinny arms.

My favorite WO's have had squats and pull-ups in them. My least favorite was probably day 10 when I couldn't do the mountain climbers for the last 2 sets because something tweaked in my right hip flexor. (Weak spots become apparent.)

Gosh, do I care that others may consider this to be wimpy because it involves no weights? I say give it a go yourself, and then talk to me about it...
Meanwhile I'm busy becoming the incredible Hulk. Well, not really--but I'm feeling pretty fit.

froggy said...

I dont like the air get ups. If you forgot to put them in the rest of the workouts I wouldnt be upset. Everything else is great.

Anonymous said...

Toughest so far was D8. Man, the side planks killed me.

D2 left my legs toasted. I forgot how deceptively tough mountain climers were.

Air squats are really roasting my legs, in good way.

Still want to D9 at some point.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the ones with pullups, just for the fact they were the most difficult for me in the beginning and I like to see my progression. I wouldnt mind seeing a half murph thrown in there. Cant stand the air gettups or burpees. They used to be easy when I was younger.

Louis Hayes said...

D19: 22rds.
D20: 7:54.