Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MotorCity CrossFit

The above photos are of the new facility for our friends up at MotorCity CrossFit.  MCCF is in Sterling Hts, Michigan, just North of Detroit. They are moving into a new facility to handle their increase in demand.  As you can see, there is still some work being done to put all the equipment together. For you newbies, CrossFit is an international fitness program that has affiliate gyms like MotorCity CF all over the globe.  The growth is unbelievable! CrossFit takes a very broad and complete approach to physical fitness.

I have been in contact with Vinny P (one of the owners) for some time now. He's  doing great things up in his neck of the woods. He's gathered quite a few disciples of functional fitness among his friends and coworkers. I always enjoy hearing from Vinny and hearing what's new up there!

While Vinny's gym is not in Chicagoland, I recognize there is readership to this blog extending well into Michigan. Through my website stats sheet, I was quite surprised to see just how many Trinity Training Group followers there are from the Sterling Heights area. I guess Vinny's friends have become regulars. 

Kinda makes me wish I lived up there....Thanks guys!

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