Sunday, November 16, 2008

Luxury versus Survival (Part 7)

I haven't posted to the Luxury versus Survival series in quite a while. This is so fitting.

Gever Tulley and his Tinkering School sounds pretty cool.  It reminds me of my own childhood...specifically the basement workshop of the home in which I grew up.  My father had the most complete set of tools, and he taught my brothers and me how to use most all of them.  

But as I grow into adulthood (yeah, I'll get there eventually), I realize my brothers and I are from a dying breed of handymen.  We were fortunate enough to learn how to fix, construct, take apart, diagnose, and maintain many household items.  We learned: auto and small engine repair, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, motors, and the such.  Those are skills and experiences that cannot be taken away from us.

These are all physical abilities demanding coordination, dexterity, agility, manipulation, but first and foremost...knowledge.

I recognize that most initial thoughts of "survival" bring images of starting campfires and building shelter in the wilderness, but aren't urban survival skills even more necessary in this day and age?

Thoughts or comments?

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Lori said...

Wow, a lot of truth here in this video! My brother and I grew up in a rural area...all this stuff --it's stuff we did! (Well, more him than me..and he is smarter than I)

I have to admit I've not let my 6 kids have as much margin of freedom. (Ha, I'm the mom now.)