Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rocky training scenes

Here's the famous Rocky IV training scene. As a kid, I loved the scene because we all rooted for Rocky. Now as an adult, I appreciate the simplicity of the preparation methods and equipment. Yes, it's corny...but I still get pumped when I watch it. Most all Americans know the sequel story of the underdog street fighter Rocky Balboa against the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. It's a tale of blue-collar versus laboratory-created.  Rocky's primitive conditioning methods are matched against the best of technology available to Drago.

As a math and physics nerd, I have always tried to assign numerical values, charts, and graphs to all of life's components.  Some aspects of life are too complicated to see through the spectacles of math and science. Heart, desire, and commitment are some of those variables. Rocky's training program exemplifies this. 

And since I started..here are video links to the other Rocky movies' training scenes:

Rocky (the original) scene.

Here is the link to the Rocky II training scene with the popular hospital bed "Win! Win!" chant. (While linking the video to this post, I watched the beginning probably a dozen times. I get teary-eyed and ultra-motivated every time I hear Adrian and the bell.)

Rocky III training scene.

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