Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gym Jones - "The Hell on Earth Fitness Plan"

"The Hell on Earth Fitness Plan" by Nick Heil, courtesy of magazine website. Fabulous reading. This article is LONG, but worth all the time it'll take. Most interesting is Gym Jones owner Mark Twight's split with CrossFit. 

Gym Jones is even more cultish than CrossFit (imagine that!).  I first learned of Gym Jones when the movie "300" came out.  I learned many of the Spartan warrior actors trained with Twight.  Twight then asked the actors to do one final workout....The 300.  That final workout/test has become somewhat legendary.

I've been a bit vocal about many of my disagreements with CrossFit's training methods.  Twight makes some similar arguments. Sometimes I feel these two camps of general physical preparedness (GPP) and sport-specific training are splitting hairs for those of us who are not professional or Olympic athletes.  

Comments? Anyways, the above article is a good start to some points I'm going to be making in the near future about a well-rounded program in post-Prison Workout life.


Jamie said...

Thanks for posting a link to the article. It was a good read.

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