Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introductory WOs

TJ Cooper of CrossFit East fame helped a ton during my introduction to functional fitness.  I included some of his WOs in this document.  These are some of my favorites. This document is what I used to send to friends who were beginning a functional fitness routine. It was easy enough to explain, and nothing too complex.

I did "Wally FRAN" yesterday. It's one of the WOs in that document linked above.
  • 10 rounds of
  • 15 WallBall (link) with 20# medicine ball
  • 5 pullups
  • as fast as possible

My time was 14:55 for 150 wallballs and 50 pullups. I cut over 3 minutes from my July 2008 performance of Wally FRAN. Sub-12:00 is  a goal of mine.

The attached document has a lot of CrossFit-inspiration. Maybe they'll help you as they helped me.

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